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Topic: Ipv6 Tunnel Endpoint Updater for Hurricane Electric IPv6  (Read 2249 times)
« on: December 17, 2011, 00:48:42 »
Fred Grayson *****
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A bump of a similar request made some time ago. Specific to Hurricane Electric IPv6, but likely extensible to others.

Those of us with dynamic ipv4 addresses need a mechanism to send an update to the tunnel broker when our client IPv4 address changes, similar to what is done now for Dynamic DNS hosts.

Yes, there are some shell scripts and such that do this, and I have it down to a single line of curl, but it's not automated. It would be better if it could be incorporated into m0n0wall's Dynamic DNS service page as an additional option.

Thanks for considering this feature. If it's already in the 1.8 beta plan, I can wait for that version to mature (still won't run here).

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