3.5. Assigning Interfaces

Press 1 at the console setup screen if you wish to reassign your network interfaces.

Below are the steps to change the assignment of which Ethernet card is used for which network connection. For example if you had both a 10Mbps and 100Mbps Ethernet card you would typically want the higher speed card (or cards) on the LAN and the slower cards on the WAN (assuming that your WAN Internet connection is less than 10Mbps).

Enter a number: 1

Valid interfaces are:

sis0    00:0c:29:96:5e:de
sis1    00:0c:29:96:53:e8

Do you want to set up VLANs first?
If you're not going to use VLANs, or only for optional interfaes, you
should say no here and use the webGUI to configure VLANs later, if required.

Do you want to set up VLANs now? (y/n) 

As this guide only leads you through a simple two interface configuration, we will press n and hit enter here to skip VLAN configuration. If you need VLAN support, configure it in the webGUI after this initial configuration is complete. You can use the Valid interfaces list to see how your installed Ethernet cards are identified by the m0n0wall operating system.

If you don't know the names of your interfaces, you may choose to use
auto-detection.  In that case, disconnect all interfaces before you begin,
and reconnect each one when prompted to do so.

Enter the LAN interface name or 'a' for auto-detection:

Enter the name of the desired LAN interface by selecting one of the Ethernet card names such as "sis0" and press Enter.

Enter the WAN interface name or 'a' for auto-detection
(or nothing if finished):

Enter one of the remaining available interfaces and press Enter.

Next you will be prompted for assigning optional interfaces. You can do this later through the webGUI if need be. Without entering anything, hit ENTER at this prompt.

Enter the Optional 1 interface name or 'a' for auto-detection
(or nothing if finished):

You will now see how your interfaces have been configured.

The interfaces will be assigned as follows:

LAN  -> sis1
WAN  -> sis0

The firewall will reboot after saving the changes.

Do you want to proceed? (y/n)

This confirms how the interfaces will be assigned. Press y and hit enter here to restart the firewall for the changes to take effect. To discard your changes, enter n and press Enter. If all of your hardware and cables are correctly installed you should be able to reach the m0n0wall at the IP address from a client computer.