2.3. Final Preparation

Now put your written hard disk, CF card or CDROM into your PC system and boot from it as described above. The monitor should show text output during the bootup and finally the console menu waiting for you to start the configuration.

These final steps will assign functions to the interfaces and change the LAN IP address as needed.

  1. Wait for the console menu to appear, select 1. (assign network ports)

  2. Assign functions (LAN/WAN/OPT) to your interfaces (hint: use auto-detection, or let the MAC addresses tell you which card is which one)

  3. Change the LAN IP address, or use the default (; m0n0wall acts as a DHCP server by default)

  4. Access the webGUI (user: 'admin', default password: 'mono')

  5. Make the necessary changes to the default configuration

2.3.1. Plugging in the Network Interfaces

Plug the LAN interface into the hub or switch that is connected to your LAN. Plug the WAN interface into your Internet connection (DSL or cable modem, router, etc.) Additional Network interfaces can optionally be connected to other routers, hubs or an Ethernet capable device.


If your Ethernet devices have built-in LEDs to show connectivity, verify that connected links are showing a green LED when the devices are physically powered on. If it is not showing green then there may be a problem with the cable (damaged or wiring) or with one of the Ethernet interfaces.