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Topic: mac spoofing / dhcp client name  (Read 2550 times)
« on: September 24, 2007, 23:35:46 »
tora *
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m0n0wall Version 1.3b4 (the version i used, dont know if other versions are affected)
any nic needed (and a private dhcp server, i used the one that came with windows 2003)

when spoofing your wan mac address and entering a dchp client name.
m0n0wall shows the mac you want to spoof in status>interfaces, but send everything that you typed exept the first charater to the dhcp server instead of the spoofed mac

i dont know if you send wrong parameters or swapped or overwrote some variable (or something like that).
or programmed it to be that way, but can somebody conferm & explain this??


p.s. sorry for the bad english, i from the Netherlands (Nederland) (.NL)
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