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Topic: scrambled ascii feedback  (Read 4578 times)
« on: January 22, 2008, 06:51:18 »
Ventolin *
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Technically, the /exec.php page isn't supported, so may be the case that no one cares.....however, I found something profoundly wrong.

While stabbing around in the dark, trying desperately to figure out the mount point for my hard drive, I found that virtually every folder in the monowall installation is set so that it says "permission denied" if I try to find out anything about them.

so, i pulled a jerk move and did the following:

su root chmod -R ugo+rX /usr/

which SHOULD change the permissions of /usr/ and it's sub directories, but....nothing happened

so, then I tried:
su root /var/etc/ -ls

and....I got ...some kind of static back, when I try to copy and paste doesn't work,'s like it picks random ascii symbols to throw in all over the file names it'd otherwise be giving me.  What's that all about?

is there even a root account in monowall?  I can't tell if half the stuff i'm trying works or not.  It doesn't seem to put up a fight when I type things in.

Either way, I'm SURE that FreeBSD isn't meant to spit out ascii static when you ls a directory you don't have proper permissions to.....even if you did reset them.
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