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Topic: m0n0wall-CMI - Central Management Interface  (Read 7087 times)
« on: January 23, 2008, 13:08:34 »
wildcat *
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Hello Everyone!

I'm proud to announce that m0n0wall-CMI is now out in 1.0-RC1 release!

For those who don't know what m0n0wall-CMI is (a lot of you I guess Smiley), here is a brief description: (ripped from SF page..)

m0n0wall-CMI is a centralized management interface to manage m0n0wall devices remotely.

It's the result of an internal need inside the TI Automotive firm that is now given to opensource community.
This work is licensed under the BSD license and thus, is free to use, modify, and redistribute.

This project is developped in PHP5 Oriented Object and packaged together with a developer documentation to ease the work of someone who would like to contribute to the code.

The backend database supported is currently MySQL, but it could be easily ported to support other backend as its oriented object architecture.


That been said, the code is now publicly available on the SF download page.
Also, a website has been created to communicate documentation and other useful information.

PLEASE, if you feel interested in this project, give it a try and contribute! (Bug report, features request, encouragement, criticism, remarks, beer to developer ...)

Here are the main useful URLs of the project:

  *) - SF Project Page.
  *)      - Documentation.
  *) - DL Page
  *)           - Main website

If you have any question, remarks, suggestion, bug report, support request, etc. I have put in place a mailing-list, follow instruction on the website to reach it.

I hope this interface will help some of you guys, And that you'll contribute back to this project Wink

Best Regards,
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2008, 10:15:47 »
wildcat *
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Hello everyone!

I'm proud to announce the release 1.0-RC5 of m0n0wall-CMI !

This release fix a huge lot of bugs and got his long list of

See changelog for more details...

Please give me any good/bad feedback.
It seems that m0n0wall-CMI become more usable theses days Wink

You can find the download file on the sourceforge project page:

Also, a demo version has been updated and is available at:

Best Regards,

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