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Topic: Upgrade to 1.3b10 breaks Sonos over bridged interface  (Read 1892 times)
« on: March 27, 2008, 11:02:06 »
rd *
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I keep my Sonos devices on a separate network segment but use the Sonos PC-based software to control them. The software requires the PC to be on the same subnet as the Sonos devices so I've configured a filtered bridge interface with firewall rules.

Config details:
- Three interfaces: WAN, LAN, OPT1
- LAN bridged with OPT1
- "Enable filtering bridge" checked
- PC on LAN interface
- Sonos devices are all on OPT1
- Firewall rules configured to allow LAN->Any, selected ports from OPT1->LAN, and OPT1->Internet
- Logging of all traffic turned on for testing

The Sonos Desktop Controller software on the PC can't detect Sonos devices after the upgrade to 1.3b10. Network sniff shows repeated SSDP broadcasts from PC to Firewall logs show nothing being passed or dropped. Downgrade to 1.3b9 makes everything work and SSDP traffic is shown in the firewall logs.
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