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Topic: Beta 1.3b13 released  (Read 4137 times)
« on: July 13, 2008, 18:17:27 »
Manuel Kasper
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m0n0wall beta version 1.3b13 has just been released with the following changes/fixes:

- added support for IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnels on WAN (for use with tunnel brokers)

- added support for IPv6 over PPPoE/PPTP (WAN)

- fixed issue where firewall rules on PPTP VPN (and access to
  m0n0wall's own services, like ping or DNS, from a PPTP VPN client)
  wouldn't work if incoming GRE packets were matched by a traffic
  shaper rule on WAN

- for wrap image, show whether we're running on a WRAP or ALIX board
  on the system status page

- updated Dnsmasq to 2.43 (query source port randomization)

- fixed "Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder" option

Detailed change log and downloads:

- Manuel
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