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Topic: Monowall Wan freezes  (Read 3207 times)
« on: January 20, 2009, 21:59:03 »
netlynx *
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I use a Soekris Net4801 board with only 2 ethernet connections (LAN, WAN)

My WAN ethernet freezes from time to time. Cable modem resetting does not help. Releasing the WAN connection and renewing seems to re-establish a connection. I do not have to reset my monowall hardware. Just releasing and renewing seems to be enough.

Looks like some software bug in OR an ethernet stack or the network chip driver.

If someone can tell me how to retrieve any additional information, i will do that. So it's possible to get this issue fixed.

My M0N0Wall information
Version       1.235
built on Thu Sep 4 21:49:21 CEST 2008
Platform    net48xx
Uptime    52 days, 09:44
Last config change    Sat Nov 8 16:43:59 UTC 2008

trough some fellow colleagues the problem seems to be related to the ISP. Their configuration of their DHCP-server is odd.

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