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Topic: 1.3b15  (Read 3105 times)
« on: March 11, 2009, 11:58:08 »
ffaraone *
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thanks for the great work, m0n0wall is very usefull.
I have installed the beta version on a soekris 4801 and on a generic pc for personal use.
In both version after few days the ipsec service stop work. (both side of the tunnel use nat-t and one side of the tunnel is bring up manually on demand). Simply restart the ipsec service fix this problem.

On the soekris platform, I cannot use some website (for example yahoo mail) only if I can try to connect with linux or mac osx. With windows I have no problems.
I've done a downgrade to the stable version and I can use the yahoo mail service.
With the beta version installed in a generic pc I've no problem.
Thanks in advance
Best regards
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