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Topic: Beta 1.3b18 released  (Read 3647 times)
« on: August 16, 2009, 23:02:14 »
Manuel Kasper
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beta 1.3b18, which fixes the IPsec error (missing readline library) introduced with 1.3b17, is now available. I'll give this a couple of weeks, and if no further significant issues are found, it will be re-released as 1.3.

One more potential improvement before 1.3: the author of ipfilter has released a patch today that should allow multiple PPTP/GRE streams to the same destination IP address (e.g. multiple PPTP VPN clients behind a m0n0wall connecting to the same server). I'll give it a try, and if it works properly, integrate it into m0n0wall.



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