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Topic: Wireless broke on B18  (Read 3494 times)
« on: September 18, 2009, 19:19:56 »
hakemon *
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Intel Pentium III 933MHz
32MB Compact Flash Storage
2x 3Com 3C905C Ethernet
AR5212 Wireless

On B16, the wifi was working.  On B18, it stopped bridging to the LAN it seems..

Here's how its setup..

Internet > M0n0wall > Windows 2003 Domain Controller (DHCP Server, DNS Server) > LAN Users

I also have the M0n0wall equipped with a Wifi card.  I tried DHCP Relay but that also won't work.  No client, Linux or Mac OS X, will connect since B18, they just give a self assigned IP address (Linux actually ends up disconnecting and revertting to another wifi network).

The way I had it working before was a firewall rule on the WAP to allow all communications to LAN, because that's how I preferred it.  I wanted it to be like a real wireless router, just treat WAP like it's on the LAN to all other hosts..
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