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Topic: 1.3 released  (Read 5202 times)
« on: November 30, 2009, 21:36:30 »
Manuel Kasper
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Hello m0n0wall users,

after almost three years in beta, I have decided that m0n0wall 1.3 is now good enough for production. It's basically a re-release of 1.3b18, with two fixes thrown in. No major bugs have been reported anymore, but as always, upgrade on your own risk Smiley

Major changes in this release (since 1.23):

- switched base operating system to FreeBSD 6.4

- consolidated net45xx, net48xx and wrap images into a single
  "embedded" image

- switched bridge implementation to if_bridge: bridge member
  interfaces will now always be filtered
  (the filtering bridge option has been removed)

- IPv6 support (enable on advanced setup page)

- firewall support for IPsec traffic

- IPsec NAT-T, DPD and dynamic tunnels

- countless bugfixes and other improvements

If you're upgrading a 1.2 generic-pc installation, you need to install 1.3b7 before you install 1.3 (because the image is too big to fit in the MFS that 1.2 allocates for the firmware upgrade).

If you're upgrading a 1.2 net45xx/net48xx/wrap installation, you need to rename the embedded image to reflect your platform before you upload it (this is a one time thing only).


Full change log:

At this point, let me say thank you to all of those who have contributed in some way or another (by submitting code, bug reports/fixes, cash, etc.)! m0n0wall has become a mature product, and the open source firewall software landscape has changed considerably in the almost 7 years that I've been working on it. There are now alternatives that offer more features (sometimes at the expense of increased resource requirements), and I don't think that m0n0wall needs to duplicate those efforts. As time permits, I'll continue to maintain m0n0wall and keep it relatively free of bugs and security issues, move it to new versions of its FreeBSD base operating system to ensure compatibility with new hardware, and perhaps add a new feature from time to time.

Thanks for using m0n0wall, and have fun with v1.3!

- Manuel
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