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Topic: SNMP IfOperationalStatus is always "up"  (Read 2372 times)
« on: April 24, 2007, 10:07:51 »
witekprytek *
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hardware PC Engines WRAP.1D-2 (WRAP.1E-2)
m0n0wal 1.231

m0n0wall always report all phisicaly interfaces to be "UP" even the ethernet cable is disconected

m0n0wall interface status page:

Status no carrier 
MAC address 00:0d:b9:07:40:5e 
IP address   
Subnet mask 
Media none 

..and SNMP answer
tested using Snmpwalk under linux (snmp v. 1 and 2.c)
snmpwalk -c m0n0wallcommunity IP_of_m0n0wall Operational

and under windows xp "Getif"

int.   admin   oper   type   MTU   descr.   
1   up   up   ethernet-csmacd   1500   sis0   
2   up   up   ethernet-csmacd   1500   sis1   
3   up   up   ethernet-csmacd   1500   sis2   
4   up   up   softwareLoopback   16384   lo0   
6   up   up   53   1396   ng1   

PPTP interfaces ng* are shown in OperationalStatus only when pptp tunnel is established.

This error make unable to monitor m0n0wall interface status using snmp protocol. :-(

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