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Topic: Problems with IPv6 stability using heartbeat tunnel and dynamic ipv4 address  (Read 2972 times)
« on: January 25, 2010, 16:43:11 »
toskala *
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I am using the latest version of monowall but there seems to be an issue with ipv6 support. From time to time ipv6 stops working and the tunnel endpoint is not reachable anymore. After rebooting the monowall everything is back to normal.

It looks like the change of the dynamic ipv4 address is causing the trouble. That's just a conclusion based on observation: the monowall I use in the office has a static ipv4 address but also employs a heartbeat tunnel and does not show any problems.

Of course I have observed this issue at another monowall installation on different hardware using a heartbeat tunnel with a dynamic ipv4 address. After some days ipv6 suddenly stops working until reboot.

Any ideas?

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brushedmoss ****
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take a look at your sixxs page and see what ip it shows for your endpoint, if it show's your old ipv4 address prior to renew, then your assumption was right ...

or goto http://{your-mono-ip}/status.php#Interfaces

and see what ip is listed for interface gif0
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