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Topic: Improvement 'Quick Start Guide', 3.4  (Read 4449 times)
« on: April 26, 2010, 05:34:04 »
udippel *
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The 'Quick Start Guide' (3.4. m0n0wall Console Setup) says: "Although this example shows sis0 and sis1 as the two Ethernet interfaces these names depend on the Ethernet cards that are installed." That had mislead me. These names do NOT depend on the cards installed. The sentence as such should be changed.
The 'Quick Start Guide' should point out clearly, that one has to set the interfaces. No 'plug-and-play'.

My suggestion goes along the lines of:
"The factory default settings for the Ethernet interfaces are sis0 and sis1, irrespective of the cards actually installed. These 4 characters simply identify the driver used to access the Ethernet card and the number of cards that are using the same driver. Other possible Ethernet interface names include, but are not limited to: bge, em, gx, nge, ti, txp, dc, fxp, sis, ste, tl, tx, xl.
If your hardware is based on those other cards, you need to reassign the interfaces as described in 3.5 before you can use m0n0wall"
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