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Topic: iCMI: m0n0wall-CMI reloaded  (Read 36502 times)
« on: June 09, 2010, 14:38:15 »
wildcat *
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Hello folks!

I'm back at work on a new CMI to ease the management of multiple m0n0wall devices.
As I was responsible for the first release of m0n0wall-CMI in the past years, I've rewritten from scratch
this project and I'm still currently busy on it.

What you could expect from this:

 - Management of m0n0wall devices;
 - Management of pfsense devices;
 - Monitoring of devices;

Currently, I've got a base work that manages to connect to both pfsense and m0n0wall devices, fetch config, store it, etc...
I've also rewritten the GUI part to make it more "web 2.0" (AJAX and such).

You can already have a look at the screenshots I posted on the dedicated website:

Also, I you want to comment, suggest, criticize this pre-work, or just simply show your interest, I'm encourage you to have a look
at the following post and let your little note:

I hope that this project will receive some attention and some interest, as from what I've seen so far, there is a need into this field...

Best Regards,


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