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Topic: Allowing specific Sites through Captive Portal  (Read 2220 times)
« on: June 30, 2010, 00:34:12 »
noreux *
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I'm trying to hack the monowall image in order to make one or multiple sites accessible without having to log into the captive portal. If for example is requested, i want to grant full access, even if not authenticated. If any other URL is requested, i want the captive portal to be served.

We are using monowall in a hotel, and we want that everybody can surf our website, but for every other site we want the captive portal to be active.

I allready tried to modify the \usr\local\captiveportal\index.php

Ive built in something like this:
if ($redirurl=='')
    portal_allow($clientip, $clientmac, "website");

at the position where it loads the captive portal for the user to log in.

So now the captive portal works fine, until is requested, which opens directly without the need of logging into the captive portal. So far so good. But after requesting, the user has access to every site, as if he had logged into the captive portal.

Has anybody an idea how to grant access to specific sites, without captive portal?

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