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Topic: CPU Usage Graph.. Using m0n0wall 1.22, 1.231  (Read 4481 times)
« on: May 17, 2007, 12:51:21 »
imzjustplayin *
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I'm still going to post this as a bug despite not using the newer version of m0n0wall because in the changes log, it does not note that this was fixed.

Here is the problem: If you start up the machine running m0n0wall with the WAN attached to a cable modem or I think basically any Network connection,  m0n0wall will load up with out interruption and WAN access will work (Internet) but if you go Status->System->CPU Usage->View Graph, the graph will be unavailable.

However, if you boot the machine with m0n0wall and let m0n0wall completely load up to the point where you can access the webgui, then attach the WAN connection, then the CPU graph will be available and connection to the WAN will also be available.

I've tried this under different configurations and it's the same everytime.

I don't like having to disconnect the WAN device before each reboot because it makes remote administration not possible.

I'm using m0n0wall for the PC.

Update: updated to the lastest stable version of m0n0wall (nonbeta) and it appears this is still an issue.

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