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Topic: checksum on m0n0 interface causing ipfw to incorrectly drop packets  (Read 2214 times)
« on: January 09, 2012, 17:13:23 »
pr1ap1sm *
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I was running the beta 1.8b477 during troubleshooting I moved to b488
The hardware is an alix board, I can dig up which one if its needed, not sure off the top of my head.

The issues was My VPN to work would not establish despite it having worked for some time.  I do know that I would occasionally see LAN --> WAN traffic dropped in the firewall/log page, but the VPN had worked in the past.  Now it stopped working period. From memory the traffic dropped in the past (may have been others as well this is what I remember) was outbound to the VPN concentrator using UDP port 4500.

Without boring you with the details, (and really because I didn't capture the details) the bottom line was a post that referred to the interfaces incorrectly calculating checksum and dropping the packets is what lead to the fix.  (ifconfig xxx0 -rxcsum -txcsum --- disabled on both interfaces)

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Manuel Kasper
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Can you try again with the latest beta (b483) please? There have been two checksum-related fixes in the kernel.
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