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Topic: Bandwidth Restrictions enforced on Captive Portal though Traffic Shaper off  (Read 3414 times)
« on: March 30, 2012, 20:33:51 »
Acorp *
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Monowall: 1.8.0b499 built on Tue Feb 21 17:55:04 CET 2012 (Generic PC)
Problem: Bandwidth Restrictions on Captive Portal
Situation: Bandwidth restrictions being enforced on Captive Portal even though traffic shaping turned off
Captive Portal -> Captive Portal: "Enable per-user bandwidth restriction" is checked/selected
Firewall->Traffic Shaper: "Enable traffic shaper" unchecked/cleared

When I initially wanted to set a per-user restriction on the Captive Portal clients, Monowall told me I needed to enable the traffic shaper. I did so, and the restriction on Captive Portal clients worked great. Due to some testing I am doing, I later disabled the traffic shaper, however Captive Portal clients are still limited to the bandwidth restriction imposed earlier. I have a 15mbps connection, getting about 13-14mbps when connected to LAN, almost exactly 1mbps for Captive Portal users (which is what I set it at), so I am pretty sure the restrictions are working.

While this is not an entirely undesired effect - I didn't want to mess with traffic shaper for the LAN, but did want to restrict Captive Portal users - I am curious:

1) Is the traffic shaper enabled even though the GUI shows it as not enabled, or
2) Are the Captive Portal BW restrictions NOT dependent on the traffic shaper, even though Monowall says they are, or
3) Is this a bug in the Beta software that I should report, or
4) Am I missing or not understanding something about the Captive Portal and/or Traffic Shaper?


- Acorp
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