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Topic: 1.34b1 released - testers needed  (Read 4260 times)
« on: November 01, 2012, 15:21:13 »
Manuel Kasper
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Hello loyal m0n0wall users,

a maintenance version in the m0n0wall 1.3 branch has been released: 1.34b1 includes the CSRF-related fixes recently made to the beta branch, as well as a few others security-relevant things. Nothing is high priority (CSRF is a concern mostly for those who save the webGUI credentials in their browser and then end up visiting malicious sites), but once 1.34b1 has received some wider testing, it will be re-released as 1.34, and 1.33 users will be recommended to upgrade.

There are no major functionality changes (see the note concerning exec_raw.php and uploadconfig.php in the change log if you use those script interfaces), but I'd still be grateful if some of you could give 1.34b1 a try and especially check if the various webGUI functions still work as expected.

Those who use the traffic shaper extensively may be interested in the fact that the rules can now finally be moved around just like on the firewall rules page Smiley







Change log:

In other news, we expect a release candidate of 1.8 (based on FreeBSD 8.3) to be available later this year, so that users with modern hardware can eventually make the transition.


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