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Topic: Dynamic DNS not Updating  (Read 2162 times)
« on: January 31, 2013, 20:12:43 »
tuaris *
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I've noticed that the dynamic DNS services for both "Dynamic DNS client" and "RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS updates" fail to update on occasion.  It's usually one or the other, but this most recent incident I found that both have failed to update.

I've been able to track it down the following events:

1) Internet access is lost due to a problem on the ISP's end
2) Internet access is restored, nothing is rebooted or reset.
3) The firewall obtains a new address
4) **I think** the ISP continues to have issues and the dynamic DNS update is unable to complete.
5) The firewall never retries the dynamic DNS update

I think that there should be an option to have m0n0wall forcibly update at an interval (like every hour or every 5 hours, etc..). 
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Fred Grayson *****
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Many dynamic DNS service providers frown on unnecessary updates. No idea what they do when they notice this.

If you are using m0n0wall 1.x beta, there is a Scheduler in it, but no specific command to update dynamic DNS. There is a command to reconnect the WAN which would probably do this for you but it also drops your connection first.

There is also a way to execute a command of your choice, so if you could figure out the name of the script that updates dynamic DNS you could schedule it.

Edit: The command seems to be:

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