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Topic: IPv6 on a bridged tagged VLAN  (Read 1396 times)
« on: January 05, 2014, 17:10:46 »
tdussa *
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I'm a bit desperate right now.  I have a setup that is probably fairly uncommon.  The
relevant bits are these:
 + regular vanilla LAN on $LAN_IF
 + PPPoE/DSL uplink via WAN on $WAN_IF
 + multiple tagged VLANs on $OPT_IF, in particular tagged VLAN WIFI on $WIFI_IF, which is a virtual interface on $OPT_IF
 + AICCU-based IPv6 uplink configured on LAN
 + Running m0n0 1.34.

Now, WIFI is bridged to LAN.  Everything works as expected with regard to IPv4: all clients on WIFI get served by the DHCP
daemon on LAN (which the m0n0wall provides), and everybody is happy.

For IPv6, things don't quite work out that well, and I can't really figure out why, to be honest.  Everything works perfectly
on LAN, but on WIFI, things are broken:
 + Router advertisements (the radvd runs on the m0n0wall) don't get through to clients on WIFI.
 + I can ping the m0n0wall on the Link local address associated with $LAN_IF.
 + From machines in WIFI, I can ping both the Link local and the global IPv6 addresses of machines in LAN.
 + From machines in LAN, I can only ping the Link local address of machines in WIFI.

The IPv6 firewall has exactly one rule for both $LAN_IF and $WIFI_IF each, passing all protocols from * to *.

I've been trying to figure out what goes wrong for quite a bit now...  Anyone have a good idea?  Any idea whatsoever
is greatly appreciated.  I'm stymied right now.

THX & Cheers,
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