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Topic: wireless card support  (Read 1107 times)
« on: January 06, 2014, 13:24:55 »
robina80 *
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Hi all,

on my computer im going to install monowall firewall on i have 2 built in NICS (realtek) and 1 onboard wireless adapter (intel centrino wireless N 135) and i was just wondering if my built in wireless adapter is supported

many thanks

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Fred Grayson *****
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The easiest way to find out if your card is supported is to just try it.

I would boot the CD version of m0n0wall if possible and see if the card is detected and available for use. If it isn't and you insist on using it, there would be no point in installing m0n0wall onto the computer.

The better approach is to use an ethernet Access Point as they do not require any support by the OS.

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