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Topic: Soekris 4501 to 5500 upgrade  (Read 891 times)
« on: January 09, 2014, 19:08:23 » *
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Hello all,

I've been using m0n0wall for 6 or 7 years very successfully on a Soekris 4501.   For various reasons, I've decided to upgrade and purchased a Soekris 5500.  I'm running the latest firmware.   Being that the image seems to be the same (embedded) can I just remove my flash card from the 4501 and put it in the 5500 and expect it to work?

Thinking through this, I know there are more network ports on the 5500.  Are they named the same inside m0n0wall?  I'm currently only using the WAN and LAN interfaces but will be adding a third network after the upgrade.

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gus *
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It probably won't be quite that easy.  All Soekris 45xx and 48xx use the sis driver and your interfaces will show up as sis0, sis1, ....  The 55xx us a VIA nic ( so they will probably use the vr driver, but I'm guessing there.  I *think* you will just be able to re assign ports via the serial console on the first boot and all the rest of your config will just work once the WAN and LAN are properly named per the new driver.

As always, just back up your config and try it Smiley
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So I did back up my config.  Took the card out of my 4501 and put it in my 5500.  Powered it on and ... BAM!  It really did work.  I didn't have to recover or change any config.

Went from about 7Mb/sec to about 28mb/sec. 

Looks like I'll be happy with m0n0wall for many years to come.
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