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Topic: Wall Snapshot - You are using an unknown beta version of m0n0wall  (Read 1901 times)
« on: March 02, 2014, 15:00:41 »
yowsers *
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After installing generic-pc-1.8.2b571.img 14-Feb-2014 22:23 11M from when I go to the "system -> firmware" update page I get a message that says, "You are using an unknown beta version of m0n0wall."  When I was upgrading from generic-pc-1.8.1.img to generic-pc-1.8.2b571.img I also got a warning that said something like "this is not a signed blah blah blah proceed at your own risk."

I suppose my question is are the snapshots that are at not signed the same way that the ones released on or are?

My goal is to be using the latest beta build and even though I get the errors that indicate it is not signed that is probably more of a protection if I had downloaded the build from a third part as opposed to direct from, correct?

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Fred Grayson *****
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None of the beta snapshots have ever been signed.

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yowsers *
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Fred, thanks for the confirmation.  Sounds like this is expected behavior.  I thought some of the beta versions were signed in the past but been awhile since I upgraded beta versions.  Thanks for the quick response.
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