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Topic: 1.8.1 - Wlan config 802.11a not able to configure  (Read 948 times)
« on: March 22, 2014, 21:34:24 »
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System: PC Engines ALIX
WLan-Chip: Atheros 5212 (Wistron CM9 miniPCI card)

How to reproduce:
Go to Intrefaces (assign) -> WLANs
Add or Edit your Interface.
Standard: 802.11a
Mode: AP
Channel: Auto or any of the 11a

802.11a can only be selected if an 802.11a channel is selected too.

Funny thing:
If i select:
Standard: 802.11g
I can select a Channel 11a and it switchs after a reboot to that.

What i expect is:
1 Wlan for 2.4ghz - auto
1 Wlan for 5 ghz - auto

Due to regulations[1] the wlan on 802.11a should be auto in my country (i belive Dynamic frequency selection means that)

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