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Topic: Change Log  (Read 698 times)
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:21:37 »
svend *
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One tiny little thing I really like about the M0n0wall is that it has a description field for Firewall policies. I have seen many high end firewalls that do not have any ability to document what rules are for and who set them up.

In addition to this it would be good to have a change log. Ideally when you hit the Save button anywhere you would be presented with a brief summary of what is about to be saved, followed by your name, date/time and an opportunity to add a comment. You then just confirm it. This can all go into a Change Control Log which gives you an audit trail of who set what when.

You may want to have a user/session based disable of this function so that you can disable it for the initial configuration or for experimenting. Ideally only a top level user could disable it. The support staff would need to log all changes.
Please give it some consideration,
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Lee Sharp *****
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Actually, that could be very handy.  It could also get very large, so there would need to be something like logrotate applied to it...
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