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Topic: How redirect access of external to internal ip and port?  (Read 1154 times)
« on: May 13, 2014, 22:51:53 »
monowall386 *
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How redirect access of external to internal IP and port, restricting by external IP. Exemple: I have one internal web server running port 80, I need access this server externally, and restricting by origin(wan) IP.

Tks adv,
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Lee Sharp *****
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If you mean you do not want LAN traffic to see it, you will need an additional nic and a DMZ.  Local traffic does not pass through m0n0wall.
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halon314 *
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I don't think that'\s what he's asking.  If I am reading this correctly, he wants to redirect incoming traffic from WAN to port 80 (web server) but limit it by IP - meaning (example) he can access the web server from his office computer, but nobody else on the net will be able to see it.


If that's correct, simply click on  NAT  in the Firewall section - create a new line and fill in the blanks.
Make sure you check the option at the bottom to automatically add a firewall rule or you won't be getting any traffic through.
Then Under Firewall > Rules :  change the source IP to that of your office computer (or wherever you wish to access this service).

Hope that helps!
  ~ Brian
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