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Topic: Does RADIUS authentication for Enterprise WPA mode work in 1.8.1??  (Read 721 times)
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r.wolf.conf *
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I am not sure if this is bug or if there is something incorrectly configured. I have used m0n0wall 1.33 with enterprise WPA mode with radius authentication. Because of some problems, I wanted to update m0n0wall, if the problem disappear. I have updated to version 1.34a and then to 1.8.1 but since then, m0n0wall does not send any authentication packets to radius server. Only just before reboot m0n0wall sends accounting packet to radius server and radius server sends response back to m0n0wall. Ping to radius server does work too.

I have installed and configured on AP to test this problem. In version 1.34a the radius authentication works perfect. After update to 1.8.1 and updating configuration, the radius auth does not work - m0n0wall sends no packet to radius server (used tcpdump). I have done factory defaults and configured wlan with enterprise wpa and radius auth once more and still nothing. Config files are nearly same (see attachments).

File config-m0n0wall.1.34a.xml is original working configuration

File config-m0n0wall.1.8.1-updated-from-1.34a.xml is 1.8.1 configuration modified after update from 1.34a.

File config-m0n0wall.1.8.1-from-factory-defaults.xml is configuration new created from factory defaults - you can see here is no dhcp server on opt1 interface.

Can anyone verify this functionality and confirm bug or tell me, what is missing in my configuration?

Thank you very much.

BTW: The reason to update from 1.33 to something new was clients disconnecting with error message in log:

"deauthenticated due to local deauth request"

I have searched but not found any hints.


Robert Wolf.

* config-m0n0wall.1.34a.txt (2.73 KB - downloaded 45 times.)
* config-m0n0wall.1.8.1-updated-from-1.34a.txt (2.83 KB - downloaded 44 times.)
* config-m0n0wall.1.8.1-from-factory-defaults.txt (2.64 KB - downloaded 44 times.)
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darvida *
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I Have the same problem. The m0n0wall does not communicate with my Synology Radius server. I use a Atheros 5212 wireless card in my m0n0wall.

Downgrade to version 1.34a has solved my problem.

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