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Topic: IPSec & PPTP - IMHO Bug  (Read 1732 times)
« on: May 14, 2014, 19:54:04 »
Osolemio *
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History of this issue is here:,6220.0.html

Today I found out that some packets got lost somewhere inside m0n0wall between PPTP & LAN.
Quoting from indicated thread - last message that I wrote:

I've just captured all traffic from/to m0n0 LAN physical (NIC) interface. Full duplex is being captured. With NI Observer.
So, when I ping 3 IP addresses in my LAN through PPTP tunnel (i.e. printer, ip cam, wifi ap): NO ONE PAKET leaves LAN interface, I see outgoing packets in PPTP m0n0 log, though. But LAN.

When I ping them from m0n0 LAN interface via webGUI- I see all the packets.
With all the others LAN IPs - everything's fine.
MAC addresses of these 3 devices (mean NIC producers) are totally different. Ethernet frames are the same. So, I'm very confused by this issue.
On LAN interface errors: 0/0
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Lee Sharp *****
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Do you have a firewall rule on the pptp interface allowing traffic out?
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Osolemio *
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