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Topic: DMZ cannot reach LAN services  (Read 329 times)
« on: June 15, 2014, 20:20:51 »
weust **
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I put my PlayStation (3 and 4) on Opt2 of my Soekris 6501-30 running v1.8.1.
Switching cables between the consoles as needed.
Subnet is, with Opt2 being

Following the documentation I set up everything except the Reject rule, as that one wasn't allowed to save (old documentation?)
The only thing I need accessed on my LAN is the DNS server at, but for some reason the consoles can't reach it.
At least, the internet connection test shows a DNS error.

Setting the consoles up with a OpenDNS IP address for DNS server makes it work like a charm.
I can sign in to my PSN account, PlayStation Store works.

Since is only a rule that allows 'any' to port 53 arriving on the Opt2 subnet, I also created a rule that allows 'any' from the Opt2 subnet to go to port 53.
That didn't make any difference.

Am I missing anything here?
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