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Topic: split DNS possible with monowall?  (Read 802 times)
« on: August 31, 2014, 21:12:55 »
reach *
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Hi there,
I'm using "ownCloud" and here the problem is, that a local file-upload still takes very long, because owncloud is accessing the internet a lot.
The solution seems to be, to redirect DNS queries from the domain to the local IP.
(this is the forum entry which is identical to my issue:

I have tried to set one or both of the 2 settings in monowall "DNS forwarder" from my domain (a DynDNS service called no-ip) to the local IP, but there's no difference.

It might be worth to note that I have entered no DNS server in the general settings, instead allowed DNS to be overwritten by DHCP.

Any idea if I can do this with monowall, or if I need BIND9 as the guy in the forum did it?

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Lennart Grahl ***
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Manually setting the IP address of your ownCloud in the DNS forwarder should work just fine.

If you ping your ownCloud DNS name, what IP address do you see?
If it is your WAN IP: Check your DNS settings. The DNS server address has to be the address of your m0n0wall.

Have a look at the attachment for setting up the DNS forwarder.

* dnsmasq.PNG (6.4 KB, 580x161 - viewed 111 times.)
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reach *
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ah, sure. Thx!
The problem was that I have used * for the hostname and then for the domain.
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