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Topic: 1.8.2b571 October snapshot  (Read 622 times)
« on: October 17, 2014, 17:41:50 »
yowsers *
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I just noticed the date time stamp on the generic-pc-1.8.2b571.img changed from February to October but the version, b571, stayed the same.  I am curious if this is an update as I am using the generic-pc-1.8.2b571.img that had a date time stamp of February something but am curious if the new one on the snapshots is actually a newer version?

generic-pc-serial-1.8.2b571.img 13-Oct-2014 20:56   11M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b571.iso        13-Oct-2014 20:56   24M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b571.img        13-Oct-2014 20:56   11M 
generic-pc-serial-1.8.2b.img    13-Oct-2014 20:26   11M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b.iso           13-Oct-2014 20:26   24M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b.img           13-Oct-2014 20:26   11M 
generic-pc-serial-1.8.2b570.img 26-Jan-2014 17:29   11M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b570.iso        26-Jan-2014 17:29   24M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b570.img        26-Jan-2014 17:29   11M 
generic-pc-serial-1.8.2b568.img 21-Jan-2014 11:30   11M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b568.iso        21-Jan-2014 11:30   24M 
generic-pc-1.8.2b568.img        21-Jan-2014 11:30   11M
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Fred Grayson *****
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I don't have an old copy of the file you are discussing.

I do have an old copy of generic-pc-serial-1.8.2b571, dated 14-Feb-2014 and it does not checksum the same as the copy on the site dated 13-Oct-2014.

As to what is different, I have no idea.

Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle.
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yowsers *
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February MD5 generic-pc-1.8.2b571.img e60b929bc393d42db2eb135594a521db

October MD5 generic-pc-1.8.2b571.img 17ad47dc1bc2607a5831538993aeefc5
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