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Topic: routing between two networks over a 3rd network.  (Read 288 times)
« on: December 07, 2014, 03:06:42 »
rob99999_2 *
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I need some help I am trying to do a project using M0n0wall routers but I am having problems with this project and I need help.  So this is the project I have to LANs one is a network and the other LAN is a network. on the network I have a Server 2k8 server IP and a M0n0wall router LAN IP  on the network I have a Win7 client IP and another M0n0wall router LAN IP I have a 3rd network of between the 2 routers.  The WAN port on the router on the network is and the WAN port on the Router for the The IP is  Okay so in the Firewall setting I have it set up to where all traffic will come through both on the WAN and LAN on both routers.  In the static routes for the network I have the pointing to port and on the  I have the static routes set to point the network to point to port.

Now here is there the problem is. When I ping I can not ping the distant end's LAN port or computer on the distant end. So what I am saying is if I am on the network I can not ping any address. and if I am on the /network I can not ping any address.  Now if I put a Windows 7 Client on the  I can ping everything.   Is there any suggestions of things to check and to configure that would fix this issue.

I really need help on this bad... if anything I said above does not make sense please ask questions.  I need help badly.
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Lee Sharp *****
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Did you didsbale NAT and open up all the rules?  Did you put static routes in your 40.x.x.x gateway?
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