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Topic: Static net via DHCPv6-PD  (Read 607 times)
« on: January 08, 2015, 14:54:20 »
Brummi *
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a few days ago i got a provider which is providing me a static IPv6 Network (2a02:168:40xx::/48). The only information i got regarding is the following (original in german, translated to english by myself):

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie dieses über DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation beziehen müssen. Dem LAN-Interface Ihres Routers können Sie nun /64 Netze aus diesem /48 Netz statisch zuweisen.
Please note that you must obtain this (network) via DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation. Using this /48 net you can assign /64 networks to the lan adapter of your router.

Now, as clever as i am *cough*cough* i thought that'll be an easy task ... several hours trying everything i'm here Wink

My current configuration is as follows:

IPv6 mode: DHCP

IPv6 mode: DHCP-DP
IPv6 Prefix Delegation: 1 / 64
IPv6 RA:
- Send IPv6 router advertisements (checked)
- Flags: Managed
- MTU: (empty)

What i did expect: WAN port is getting an address assigned (i assumed it would be 2a02:168:40xx::1) and the whole traffic would be routed "here".
What i got: a dynamic address of the providers pool on the wan port and a dynamic address from the  2a02:168:40xx:: pool.

What does work: the internal traffic between the devices which have addresses in the 2a02:168:40xx:1::/64 range.
What does not work: communication from/to the internet.

What i need: HEEEEEEELP Cheesy j/k i tried different things (static assignments on the wan/lan ports, etc. etc) but i haven't been able to get this thing up and running.
Does anybody know how to configure this setting? Or (worst case) could it be, that this isn't possible at all?

Many thanks in advance!
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