5.3. Configuring your WAN interface

Now we will configure your WAN interface. At this point, you will need some information from your ISP. The WAN connection types available are DHCP, static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, and BigPond. Chances are you will be using DHCP, static IP, or PPPoE.

5.3.1. WAN configuration screen

5.3.2. Type

In the Type drop down box, you have five choices. Choose accordingly for the information you gathered earlier, and fill in any necessary information for your connection type.

5.3.3. General configuration options

Under "General configuration" on this screen, you can change the MAC address of the WAN interface and change the MTU.

MAC address

Some ISP's keep the MAC address of the device you have connected to their network, and only allow that device access. There is typically a process to register a new device, though sometimes that may require contacting the ISP. To avoid this, you can enter the MAC address of the network card you previously used on your broadband connection to make your ISP think you still have the same device connected.


Unless you have a very good reason for changing it, leave the MTU alone.

5.3.4. Block private networks

Unless your WAN subnet lies in private IP address space, leave this box checked. It protects you from some IP spoofing attempts.

5.3.5. Save and Apply Changes

Now click Save at the bottom of the WAN page. Your changes will immediately take effect, and you should immediately be able to browse the Internet from your LAN. If you cannot, see the troubleshooting section.