Chapter 5. Initial webGUI Configuration

Table of Contents

5.1. Logging into the webGUI
5.2. webGUI System -> General Setup screen
5.3. Configuring your WAN interface
5.3.1. WAN configuration screen
5.3.2. Type
5.3.3. General configuration options
5.3.4. Block private networks
5.3.5. Save and Apply Changes
5.4. What next?
5.4.1. m0n0wall Announcements List
5.4.2. m0n0wall Documentation Announcements List
5.4.3. Explore the Possibilities

Now that we have the client machines configured appropriately, the interfaces assigned and LAN IP address configured, and the m0n0wall has rebooted with its new configuration, we will log into the webGUI and finish the configuration.

5.1. Logging into the webGUI

Open your web browser and go to (if you changed your LAN IP address in the console setup, replace with your m0n0wall PC's LAN IP throughout the remainder of this documentation).

You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter username admin and password mono. You are now logged into the webGUI.