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Topic: 1.3b15, ipv6 + AICCU (heartbeat), public IP on WAN.  (Read 4356 times)
« on: January 30, 2009, 11:20:42 »
lasmori *
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I have a heartbeat AICCU tunnel configured with m0n0wall and it does not seem to be working.

If I look at the interfaces under status, it will list the gateway, but thats about it. I've tested the information for the tunnel in openbsd, which works just fine.

For reference, 6to4 does work.
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evongugg *
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-You need to enable in Advanced "Enable IPv6 Support".
-Under WAN, choose AICCU. Enter user id, password and Tunnel ID including "T".
-You need to make a separate request to for a subnet.
-Under LAN check "static IPv6", enter the "Subnet IPv6", also called "Prefix" from, /64 and check "send IPv6 router advertisements". Do not enter the "routed to" or "IPv6 Them" given to you by 
-Under IPv6 firewall rules make a rule to allow everything on the LAN.
-Reboot m0n0wall and your computer. You should be able to access IPv6 sites!,2642.0.html
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