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Topic: m0n0wall Configuration  (Read 373 times)
« on: August 26, 2014, 13:46:13 »
panher *
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I have a strange home network and would kindly request some asistance on set-up.

I'm very new to m0n0wall so an idiots guide would be helpful. I trolled the net but can't find any helpful suggestions to my scenario.


Home Router: This acts as the dhcp server with all 10 or so machines with a reserved ip address

Server: Xenserver which hosts about six virtual machines. One of this is a webserver which I would like accessible from the internet.

Other: Laptops, tablets etc etc that are used by the rest of the family.


I have one single wired connection (using powerline) running from the home router to a switch upstairs. The Xenserver and a couple of other important machines are hard wired to the switch. In particular, one is a nas box (media center) that I would like to be available to all. Unfortunately, my wife will not budge on the physical set-up.

The other family machines connect wirelessly to the home router.

Note: My alix board also has a wireless module.

How can m0n0wall help secure me to start off with?

Please help.

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